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Nokia Ovi Store – In the end of the year 2010

Nokia Ovi Store was first unveiled at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009, in order to enter to compete with its competitor, Apple, which was having its own App Store. It was launched worldwide on May 2009. Apple’s has started App Store on request of developers and public to develop applications for the iOS devices, whereas Nokia’s venture in the application store market is solely its own decision. Ovi Store combines Nokia services into a one-stop-shop for paid content, as well as free content.

Nokia offers 70% revenue share to application developers. Nokia distributes mobile content in more than 190 countries and those contents are available in 32 different languages. Nokia Ovi Store also provides convenient payment options, which includes credit card billing in more than 170 countries and mobile billing through 103 operators in more than 32 countries. Today, with Ovi Store, developers can distribute their applications to around 225 million Symbian devices, 75 million touchscreen devices and 55 million Nokia QWERTY devices. Qt developers can also target more than 100 million Nokia mobile phones for their applications.
The contents in the Nokia Ovi Store are sorted sophistically in the following categories –

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  1. Recommended – In this category, you will find application recommended by Nokia for your selected device.
  2. Games – In this category, you will find all kind of games like adventure, arcade, strategic, sports, brain tuning, etc. for your mobile phones.
  3. Personalise – In this category, you will get all personalized apps for your Nokia devices.
  4. Application – All types of applications are available here in this category like shopping, business, productivity, etc.
  5. Audio and Video – In this section, you will get all multimedia related apps.

According to the latest statistics, Ovi Store is having more than 30,000 applications, which whooshes pass the RIMS BlackBerry App World that is having only 16,000 apps. There are more than four million downloads per day; 30% of the content downloaded are apps and 40% are games. Games are No. 1 among paid downloads and applications are No.1 among free downloads. Ovi Store supports 135 Nokia devices, including 80 Symbian devices.

Nokia is recently announced his partnership with Microsoft, which means that Windows Phone 7 will serve as the primary platform for their upcoming devices. However, Ovi Store will still serves as the application store for the present and future Symbian devices.

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