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Nokia Strategies in 2011 to compete in Smartphone wars

When Android operating system enters into the Smartphone market, it has completely changed the market shares of the Nokia’s Symbian operating system. Android was giving very tougher competition to Symbian. So, Nokia outlined its new strategic direction, including changes in operational structure as well as in the leadership to accelerate the company’s speed of execution in this competitive market.

Nokia plans to form a strategic alliance with Microsoft to build a global mobile ecosystem, which is based on highly corresponding assets. Nokia, with Windows as primary platform, would help drive the future of the Smartphone platform by leveraging its proficiency on hardware and software customization. Nokia’s application and content store would be integrated into Microsoft Marketplace. Symbian operating system will become a franchise platform, harvesting additional value from previous investments. Nokia is also expecting to sell more than 100 million Symbian-powered devices in the upcoming year.

Nokia-Microsoft ecosystem will target to deliver innovative and differentiated products, which will stand out among other products in the market.
Nokia has new leadership team with the competencies, commitment, and innovative thinking, which is required in today’s dynamic environment. The Nokia’s new leadership team will consist of the following members - Stephen Elop, Jo Harlow, Juha Akras, Tero Ojanpera, Rich Green, Timo Ihamuotila, Colin Giles, Esko Aho, , Jerri DeVard, Kai Oistamo, Mary McDowell, Niklas Savander and Louise Pentland.

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Nokia will also have two new company structure, which features two new different business units –

 Mobile Phones – Mobile Phones unit, led by Mary McDowell, will leverage its strength and innovation in the market to connect the people worldwide and bring them access to the mobile applications, as well as Internet.

 Smart Devices – This unit, led by Jo Harlow, will be responsible for developing Nokia’s leadership in Smartphones. They will be focusing on following areas –
• Strategic Business Operations.

• MeeGo Computers.

• Symbian Smartphones.

These units will have end-to-end accountability and profit-and-loss responsibility for the full consumer experience, including product management, development, and marketing. Nokia is hoping that this will create a new global mobile ecosystem. Microsoft and Nokia are both powerful forces and they could do some interesting and creative things together.

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