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Can Symbian Operating System be used in Tablets?

Symbian operating system went fully open source in the first quarter of the year 2010. Lee Williams, Chief Executive of the Symbian Foundation, in an interview said that it is very likely that you would see Symbian-based tablet within the next year or two. He also said that several companies are experimenting with PDA-tablet-style form factors and Internet-connecting device, which is running low power on mainly ARM architecture.

Nokia Ovi Store – In the end of the year 2010

Nokia Ovi Store was first unveiled at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009, in order to enter to compete with its competitor, Apple, which was having its own App Store. It was launched worldwide on May 2009. Apple’s has started App Store on request of developers and public to develop applications for the iOS devices, whereas Nokia’s venture in the application store market is solely its own decision. Ovi Store combines Nokia services into a one-stop-shop for paid content, as well as free content.

Nokia Symbian Market Share worldwide

Nokia’s Symbian operating system is winning the Smartphones operating system wars, since past few years; there was no competition to this operating system. However, Gartner, the world’s top research company, has recently revealed their report for the worldwide Smartphone market share for year 2010.

  • Symbian History

    Symbian 1 - History

    Symbian 1 was announced in March 2007 and formed the basis for the Symbian platform. It incorporated the Symbian operating system and Series 60 5th edition that was built on Symbian OS 9.4.

  • Rss feed Symbian^ 2 – History

    Symbian^2 was the first open source Symbian operating system, which was available only to members of Symbian Foundation.

  • Blog Archive Symbian 3 - History

    Symbian^3 was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2010 on February 15, 2010. Symbian^3 is a third version of Symbian operating system

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Death for Symbian!

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