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History of Symbian 3

Symbian^3 was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2010 on February 15, 2010. Symbian^3 is a third version of Symbian operating system, which is bringing much-required enhancements and improvements in the following three major areas over its predecessor – Graphical User Interface, Multimedia and Performance. The operating system was designed to be a next generations of Smartphone platform.

The Symbian^3 Software Development Kit (SDK) was released on September 2010. Symbain^3 was built-on Symbian OS 9.5 and Nokia N8 was the first mobile phone, which was running on this operating system.

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Symbian^3 is a simpler, better and faster operating system. It is featuring new 3D graphics architecture and support for external displays through HDMI port. It is also having three customizable home screens with a widget manager and single tap menus. A multi-touch support gestures like flicking to scroll and pinching to zoom, makes Symbian phone use much easier.

Features of Symbian^3 are -

Operating System Version

Symbian OS 9.5

Series 60 Version


Multi-touch Support


Wi-Fi versions

B, G, N

FM Radio and Transmitter


Adobe Flash

Flash Lite version 4.0

CPU Architecture


Web Browser for S60

Version 7.2


Bluetooth, Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, USB

Video Out

Nokia AV Out (PAL/NTSC)




Yes (3rd Party)


Yes (3rd Party)

GPU Accelerated GUI


List of Symbian^3 devices –

  1. Nokia N8
  2. Nokia C6-01
  3. Nokia C7-00
  4. Nokia E7-00

Symbian^4 operating system is expected to release in the first half of the year 2011. However, Nokia has announced that Symbian^4 will not be available for customers as separate release. Instead, it will delivered as the software updates for all Symbian^3 devices. It is said that it is having even more user-friendly interface than Symbian^3.

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    Symbian^3 was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2010 on February 15, 2010. Symbian^3 is a third version of Symbian operating system

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