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Top Ten Games for your Series 90

Want to play games on your Nokia series 90 mobile phones, then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of best ten mobile games for your Series 90 mobile phones.

Want to play the Chess game on your Nokia Series 90 mobile phones. Download a Chess game free from, which is having a support for touchscreen devices and advanced features. It is a multiplayer game; play either with a computer or with your friend.

The Adventure
The Adventure is an adventurous game for your Nokia device, in which your mission is to search the castle by avoid the traps, to find the treasure chamber before dark. This cool game is free to download.

Essential Soccer
Are you a soccer fan and want to play soccer game in your Symbian devices? Essential Soccer is the fastest and most playable mobile soccer game, which is having a unique and simple control. There are 48 international teams and 768 individually skilled player that performs amazing moves.

Teek Taak
Teek Taak game is available free for your Nokia Series 90 mobile phones. Everyone knows about the amazing Teek Taak game, so need to describe it.

Royal Derby
Royal Derby is the horse racing game for your Nokia mobile phones. Examine the horses, read about their strength and weakness, and have a fine-racing day. The game is very wonderful and having some cool graphics also.

Pemburu Teroris
Pemburu Teroris is a free action game for your Symbian mobile phones, in which your mission is to kill terrorists. You can download this game from

XtremeBlocks is a breakout arcade-style game, in which your mission is to destroy the blocks. It is really a fantastic game, try it yourself.

Vegas Pool Sharks
How about a nice little game of pool in your Series 90 mobile phones? Vegas Pool Sharks is a 3D pool game, where you have to show your pool skills against four opponents with increasing skill levels.

Taxi Shootout
Taxi Shootout is a very good java mobile game, where your mission is to drop travelers to their destinations and earn some money. There are three types of missions – Taxi, Road Rage and Time Trial.

Do you remember that classic Mario DOS game or ever played that classic game in your computer? Yes, you are thinking correct, Mario55 is a classic Mario game, which is now available free for your Nokia Series 90 mobile phone. This game is very fast and is having some good music and cool graphics.

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