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Top Ten Applications for Series 90

Series 90 mobile phones are merged with the Series 60 mobile phones. However, there are applications for your Series 90 mobile phone, which you can download free from the website Here is a list of top ten applications for your Symbian mobile phones.

ClickOVA is a free backup and data synchronization application, which creates backup and organize your information online, so that you can easily access the files on your phone from anywhere around the world.

Bluetooth File Transfer Lite
Bluetooth File Transfer Lite is a free Symbian application, which allows you browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device using your mobile phone. With this app, you can upload, download, search, edit, create, etc files and folders on your phone.

APPY is a best phone tool that gives you access to a variety of applications, even when you are not connected to the Internet. It also allows you to follow celebrity gossip, international news, weather, traffic conditions and many more.

ZIP Utility
ZIP Utility is a free mobile application, which allows you to create and extract zip files on your Symbian mobile phones. You have to change your application access settings on your device.

Snaptu is a free and best all-in-one application, which includes your mobile essentials like Twitter, Facebook, Movies, News, Weather, Sports, etc. at one place. Instead of stuffing your Symbian devices with several individual apps, which eat battery and memory of your phone, you can install Snaptu.

Fart Machine
Want to play jokes with your friends and family members, then download and install Fart Machine in your mobile phone. Fart Machine is a free application, which plays realistic fart tones with the built-in timer.

Office Managing
Office Managing is a best and free business application for your Series 90 mobile phones, which manages your office documents, reminds you about the meetings, and keeps you up to data in the office.

Bluetooth SpyCam
Bluetooth SpyCam  is a free spy-application for your Nokia Series 90 devices, which allows you to record video from one Bluetooth mobile phone and monitor on other Bluetooth mobile phone. Isn’t it a cool application for spying? To use this application, Bluetooth should be switched on and set to discoverable on both mobile phones.

Student Dictionary
Student Dictionary is a free and best English dictionary for your Symbian mobile phones, which is very fast and easy to use offline java mobile dictionary for students.

Technology Talk
Want to read Technology news directly on your mobile phone, then Technology Talk is the right application for you. Technology Talk is a free news application, which provides you the technology news from around the world.

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