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Top Ten Games for Nokia Series 80 Mobile Phones

There are countless games available on the Internet for your Nokia Series 80 mobile phones. Some of them are very good and few are pretty crappy. However, I have compiled a list of ten best games for your S80 device that you can download free from, so that you will not waste your precious time in downloading those crappy games.

HungrySnake 3D
Yes, you are thinking correct! This is the classic Nokia Snake game, but in 3D. Move your snake in four directions and try to collect the fruit to complete all levels, but avoid the edges, bombs and your snake’s tail.

BrickBlaster 3D
BrickBlaster 3D is a free 3D game for your Series 80 mobile phones, in which you have to destroy all the bricks in each level in order to proceed to the next level.

3D Attack Chopper
If you want to take experience of combat game in 3D in your Symbian mobile phone, then download 3D Attack Chopper free. In this game, you have to destroy your enemies using a fluid 360 degree target-lock-on system.

Penembak JituEver wanted to play the good sniper game in your S80 mobile phones, then Penembak Jitu is a best sniper game that you are going to enjoy. But be careful, you should be faster than the other sniper, before they shoot you.

Ever dreamed of becoming the manager of the basketball club, then BasketballZone is a right game for you. It is a free online basketball manager game, in which you have to buy coaches, players, scouts and manage finances in order to win the championship for your country.

Sharpen your brain with this simple Symbian game. MobiBrain is free brain training game, in which you have to tell if the equation is right or wrong. Try to set the biggest score and upload it in your Facebook profile to show other how good you are.

Speed Extreme
Speed Extreme is a cool classic racing game with many hours of fun. In this game, you have to test your skills by racing with your opponents and the clock.

Hangman is a classic and very popular game, where you have to guess words by submitting letters. This game is available in several languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc. So, what are you waiting for, download this cool game free from

Malibu Bowling
Malibu Bowling is a free multiplayer bowling game. Just enter your age and decide where you want to play – in a rum shack, on the beach, in an underground cave or inside an aquarium.

Carnivora is a free arcade game, where you have to fight with hundreds of enemies by several different kinds of weapons from machine gun to knife. It is a very good and simple game with awesome graphics.

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