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Top Ten S60 Games of 2010

When you are getting bored, playing games on your Symbian device is a fun way to pass time; games are one of the great sources of the entertainment. So, here is a list of ten best and free Series 60 games for your Symbian mobile phones that you would like to play.

Are you missing a classic snake game, which was available on traditional Symbian phones? There is a Snake game available free at Ovi Store for your Nokia S60 handsets.

Soccer 3D
Are you a soccer fan and want to play soccer in 3D on your Symbian phone? Soccer 3D is a high action football game, which is especially developed for soccer lovers. You can even play the game over the Bluetooth against your friends.

Guns ‘n’ Glory
It is a free strategy Series 60 game. Form your own gang by recruiting crazy Mexicans, brave Indians and cool cowboys and become a real, low-down bad guy.

It is a free Symbian puzzle game, which is featuring 20 different levels. In this game, you have to trail an ancient Inca trial and help Mary to solve the old Inca mysterious in the ruins of Kazarakt.

Copter It
Copter It, a very popular flash game, is now available for your Series 60 mobile phones. Just steer the helicopter inside a tunnel without hitting the wall and send your highest score to global high score list to see your rank.

Midnight Pool 2
It is a must-have pool game for your Series 60 mobile phones, which is developed by Gameloft. It is an enhanced version of previous pool game. There are 11 new livelier characters, 8 new welcoming bars and many more.

The Journey
It is the world’s first mobile location based adventure game, in which you have to solve the mysterious virtual cases and to explore your real surroundings. The game is available free at Nokia Ovi Store.

Demo Star Invasion
Demo Star Invasion is an adventurous game for Series 60 mobile phones. In this game, you have to use your spaceship to more around the planet and to save the galaxy from a huge alien invasion. It is a completely action-packed game.

Demo Stunt Racing 99 Tracks
As the name suggests, it is the racing game in which you have to perform extreme flips, jumps and wheelies in the ultimate off-road challenge. There are total 99 tracks that will take you across desert, forest and Ice.

Reversi is a classic strategy game, where you have to conquer as much of the game board by trapping one or more opponent’s pieces between two of your pieces. There are three different skill levels – Easy, Medium and Hard.

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